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Stuff related to Liferay

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    RCS Liferay Image Slider Plugin

    Liferay – Version 1.2.1 – Details – 68 Downloads

    This is a working version of the Liferay Image Slider Plugin from (git). I have backported some fixes, changes and extended the old way of configure the portlet by using the CKEditor for description. I have also updated the nivo jquery slider to version 3.2 and changed some minor things. You can find the git repo here:





    Fixed: opacity is ignored
    Fixed: ckeditor is not displayed anymore
    Fixed: description could break the portlet using html
    Fixed: missing error messages for empty title, image
    Changed: portlet name & artifact id to avoid problems in Liferay ("File not found . invoke")

Joomla & Joomla Extension Fixes

Other stuff related to Joomla or Joomla extensions

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    Joomla Permission Bugfix #24341

    Joomla Fixes – Details – 108 Downloads

    Bug: #24341

    Installation: Decompress archive locally and upload the folder to the root path of your Joomla Installation

    Installation: Archiv lokal entpacken und den Ordner per FTP in das Hauptverzeichnis von Joomla hochladen

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    EventList Plugin Codes Fix

    Joomla Fixes – Version 1.0.2 – Details – 245 Downloads

    Description: This modified version of EventList makes it possible to use Plugin codes in the descriptions of events, places and categories.

    Beschreibung: Diese angepasste Version von EventList ermöglicht in den Beschreibungen der Termine, Örtlichkeiten und Kategorien die Nutzung/Ersetzung von Plugin Codes.